Plumber - what is their standard /hour industry rate?
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Thread: Plumber - what is their standard /hour industry rate?

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    Plumber - what is their standard /hour industry rate?

    Looking to hire a plumber for a home reno project.
    Wanted to get a feel of the industry rate that we should be looking out for.

    Any tips in dealing with contractors?

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    Having fust finished a large reno a few years ago. You definitely need to inspect the work every step of the way. Don't wait until the drywall has been nailed up, by then, any shortcut or bad framing will be hidden.

    Also , keep at least 10-15% hold back until you are satisfied upon completion of the job. That way, if they(contractor) refused to fix any defective work you have the money to hire someone else or do it yourself.

    As for the labour rate, best thing to do is call a few reputable establishments and get a quote for the job you want them to do. Most trades will quote you by the job not the hour.

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    I'm now working for a company that's good. Some of teh companies out there are just scary. You will usually ask for a a quote from a couple of companies and compare. But the different prices that come back are hard to compare. One company may bid high becuase they don't really want the job. Another company might bid low because they are desperate, do a cut rate job or lack the expierence to do a proper quote.

    Any way if your in the market for a plumbing work here is my current employer. He has about 25 years expierence. He's pretty darn picky the way things are done.

    Zappone Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
    Land line 604.298.0276
    Cell 604.328.7298

    If your going to call give it a couple of days. He ended up in the hospital last week and things are a bit chaotice at the moment while we catch up on the work.
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    Get 3 or 4 prices and pick one in the middle. Cheapest is not always the way to go, ask yourself why are they so much cheaper? What exactly are they including? If your talking just a small home reno then I would do my best to find a plumber to do it on the side. I'm sure you know someone who knows a plumber. We do walls and ceilings and when we bill someone out it's at over $60 an hour. My best friend who works for us does the same work on the side (evenings) for $25-30 an hour, maybe less if your talking cash. If the plumbing trade is anything like ours your going to find a hard time finding anyone willing to even look at it, personally we don't do small reno's or any residential (unless it's HUGE) for that matter.

    As for a holdback, thats generally on larger jobs. If your talking a small reno he'll be done the work and able to inspect it before you even pay him. Generally holdback is 10% but we're talking money held back on a job that takes 3-12 months to complete where your invoicing every 30 days.
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