WTB Bridgestone Rear Tire
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Thread: WTB Bridgestone Rear Tire

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    WTB Bridgestone Rear Tire

    I noticed yesterday that some threads were showing on my rear tire, so as much as I wanted to make the whole season on this tire its not going to happen. So ya I'll be needing a tire. Not really expecting to find one on here but I thought its worth a holla.

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    Not sure if I could help... I just bought a NEW rear tire 2 weeks ago for my SV650s. Dunlop D220 sports touring radial rear tire, it is a size 160. (not sure it will match your TL1000r)
    After breaking in my tire, i got a nail in one of the groove. The tire is all mend properly by bike mechanics. And was informed that it will be perfectly normal again since it is inside the groove. I took it for a test ride everyday for the past week, and have been checking the tire pressure daily. There is no leak and the tire is still brand NEW. But being a perfectionist myself. I want a NEW tire. So, if this tire match your needs. Please send me an email: eslroom@hotmail.com
    NEW tire $249 plus tax but since there was a nail in it... $150

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