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Thread: FS: Old Computer Stuff (HDDS, Video, Audio, CDRom)

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    Old Computer Stuff (HDDS, Video, Audio, CDRom)

    Hey guys,

    I'm moving into a new apartment at the end of this month and I am just trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible.

    Over the years I have collected many computer parts, but most of them I have no need for anymore.

    Please have a look at the following list, make me an offer, no valid offer will be refused!!

    HP Laserjet IIIp (semi-working condition)
    CTX 14" Monitor
    Quantum 1.2GB SCSI HDD (5400rpm, 12ms, SCSI3)
    Quantum 1.2GB SCSI HDD (5400rpm, 12ms, SCSI3)
    Seagate 4GB SCSI HDD (7200rpm, 9.4ms, Ultra-SCSI)
    Quantum 540MB IDE HDD (3600rpm, 14ms)
    Western Digital 1.6GB IDE HDD ()
    Seagate 2.1GB SCSI HDD (5400rpm, 12.5ms, Ultra-SCSI)
    Seagate 1.6GB IDE HDD (5400rpm, 10ms, UltraATA 33MB)
    Seagate 2GB SCSI HDD (5400rpm, 10.4ms, SCSI-2 FAST)
    Fujitsu 4GB SCSI HDD (7200rpm, 10ms, SCSI2)
    Diamond Stealth Pro Video Card (Vesa Local)
    Diamond Monster 3D 3DFX Add-On Card (PCI/4MB)
    NCR SCSI Controller (PCI)
    Pro Audio Spectrum 16 Sound Card (IDE)
    Pro Audio Spectrum 16 Sound Card (IDE)
    Logitec Trackman Vista Mouse (PS2)
    US Robotics Sportster 33.6 Fax/Modem
    US Robotics Courier V.Everything Fax/Modem
    A/B Monitor SwitchBox
    2x CD-Rom (IDE)
    NEC MultiSpin 4xi (IDE)
    NEC MultiSpin 4x4 (IDE)
    Yamaha CD Recorder 6x Reader/4x Writer (SCSI)
    Zoom v.34 Modem

    Iomega 100MB Zip Drive SCSI
    Small Computer Speakrs (Powered)
    Lexmark 1000 Color Jetprinter

    Please buy something!

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    I need a hard drive and video card for one of my old computers. How can I tell what interface I have if it's not running?

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    The HDD will be a standard IDE, if its a really old computer one of the smaller ones should work.

    As for the video card it should be ISA or VL.

    Can you take a picture of the inside of your computer?


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    List has been updated.

    Please see first message in this thread.

    Thanks, dn.

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    Hey dn, here's a pic, I couldn't find a way to attach it in a PM.

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