Who upgraded your suspension?
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Thread: Who upgraded your suspension?

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    Who upgraded your suspension?

    Hey folks, I have a set of Racetch springs and gold valve emulators on order for my SV650. Can anyone reccomend a motorycle shop that really knows their stuff when it comes to installing suspension components? Like most of us I want it done right the first time.

    Thanks all,

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    Mike Rensby, at Holshot in Langley( ProTech suspension ) 604-533-4426

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    I'd go see John at BOMAX. He used to have his own SV and did extensive mods on it. You can reach BOMAX at 604.433.6727. They're in Burnaby.

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    The parts are enough dough as is, - if you have some basic mechanical abilities, do it yourself. I added the .85 springs and emulators on my vmax - if your SV is a conventional damper rod setup, it's really not that tough of a job - drop me an email if you need help. If you're considering it, also get some extra oil seals, and depending on the bike's mileage, pick up some inner and outer fork bushings, it's worth doing this while everything is apart. Good luck and either route you go on having them installed, you will not regret it.

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    I second 'do it yourself', i did. It's not that hard.

    You don't have to take the forks off the bike. Just siphone most of the oil out, remove the bolt at the bottom of fork and the rest of the oil comes out (dont forget to put container as you un-bolt). Use a broom stick handle to jam the dampening rod inside the fork leg before un-bolting at the bottom. The SV doesn't require brazing the dampening hole so drill rod and bolt it back. Drop the gold valve, adjust oil level with correct oil weight. All that's left is sliping springs in, adjusting pre-load and putting caps on. Should take about 3 hours first time going reeaall slow. About 1 hour if you had to do it again.

    Dead easy.

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