I'm guessing I got the wires crossed but it is pretty damn hard to do so when there in only THREE freaking wires. haha

Anyways, the story goes:
Got new flush mount signal light for front. Got access to wiring and inspected them. Stock lights had three wires coming out into two OEM clips. One solid wire and one striped wire into one clip, and single wire into 2nd clip.

Aftermarket Flushmounts, three wires, One solid wire and one striped wire into one Generic clip, and a single wire into 2nd generic clip.
Generic clips do not fit into OEM Honda clips.
Snip wires, leaving adaquate lengths to work with. Wire OEM clips onto aftermarket wires matching solid to solid, striped to striped, single to single. You get what I mean.

Hook battery back up and turn on auxilery, test. Left one, check. Right one, check.
Notice that now the signal light indicators on dash are both lit up solid, and now the rear signal lights are constantly running (front one supposed to be running lights, back ones are not) but work when turn signal is activated.

Anybody ever run into this problem before?