Just a bad day? Nope it was a fucked up day
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Thread: Just a bad day? Nope it was a fucked up day

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    Just a bad day? Nope it was a fucked up day

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    Well that was all fun wasn't it?

    I've never seen so many jackals fight to chew off a piece of meat from a wounded animal.

    Bluepill stalls on the bridge, jams up traffic immediatley for miles behind and calls 911 to access the bridge emergency towing and them pushes his bike to the top of the crest and coasts down the backside with no helmet. Suddenly you all jump on him for supposedly not wearing gear and end up with some lame porno pictures at the end of it all.

    I don't know what magnet of disaster pulled in all the bad karma to this thread but it's something that doesn't normally show up here.

    USUALLY folks are a bit more sympathetic to someone with a broken bike... Sheesh.

    I think we'll all just pretend this didn't happen and get on with our lives.....LOCKED
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