I'm selling my baby.

Up for sale is a burgandy 1982 Seca 750 with 34 000 km on it. Location is Kamloops, although I could probably be convinced to deliver it to Vancouver as one last run. It runs great, just took it out for a rip and a bath this afternoon. Tires are new (< 5000 km on them). It's been dropped at least once in its life, but the damage is limited to scuffs on the crash bars and exhaust. It's got good power, and starts easily. This would be a great bike for a newbie (I learned to ride on it), since it's got very smooth power/response and is easy to ride. It's also got the power to keep an experienced rider entertained. If I didn't need the money, I'd keep her.

As with any 23 year old motorcycle, there are a few small things that could use fixing:

1: Brake calipers need cleaning. Front brake was sticking a tiny bit last fall.
2: Starter solenoid needs replacing. It works, but you have to bonk it with your hand/foot to start it going. Frankly, I always kinda liked that quirk, it was like having a kickstarter.
3: Oil level sensor is flaky, triggering false oil warning lights. I'd just put up with it.
4: Carbs *may* need cleaning. It's got good power still, but the response seemed a bit softer than I remember.
5: The paint has a few blotches on it.
6: Exhaust is falling apart. It sounds awesome, but it doesn't look so hot.

$1200, firm. This is a good deal on a good bike.