FS: Kawi zx6r-zx10r parts, 04 gix1k parts
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Thread: FS: Kawi zx6r-zx10r parts, 04 gix1k parts

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    FS: Kawi zx6r-zx10r parts, 04 gix1k parts

    Have some parts still available to those in need.

    All prices are in USD and are + shipping. Negotiable, deals w/ multiple lots. If you see something you need that isn't listed, let me know.

    What I have left: (newly added parts in bold)

    '99 zx6r
    -Swingarm, great condition! - $125
    -Subframe w/ undertray - ON EBAY - http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eB...tem=4531762823
    -front rad-fairings bracket - $30
    -Front forks, great condition, 1000kms since recharging/revalving/new seals et al. - $200
    -rear chain guard - basically your average chain guard $5
    -rear shock - recharged at beginning of last season, good shape. $50
    -stock air filter - $5
    ----------broke up front brake system. now available in pieces------
    -front brake rotors. - excellent condition, TONS of life left. Guaranteed straight. - $130
    -front brake calipers, pads and lines - pads new start of last season. lines still good. these are 6 pot calipers, rather than the usual 4 pot. This means that each pad has an extra cylinder pushing it, an effective 33% in force. Great upgrade for a 4 pot system, especially on an older zx which would swap right over - $60
    -front brake master cylinder w/ lever, resevoir and perch - lever is a bit bent i think, other than that it's all good. what else can i say? - $70
    -rear brake setup (caliper, pads, rotor) - $150
    -radiator - great shape! no problems whatsoever, fins in great shape. changed due to size needed on project. - $125
    -both clipons, awesome condition no problems whatsoever. 46mm, fits 98-02 zx6r, 98+ zx9r, zrx1100/1200, and 03 suzuki sv1000. $80
    -stock chain and front sprocket. About 10k kms on the set. 530. - $30
    -front fender- in green. good condition, no cracks or anything. - $60

    zx10r parts
    -04 zx10r rear caliper, great condition as new pads 95% - $35

    04 Gix1k parts
    -stock damper, should be adaptable to kawi, better than nothing - $30
    -front radial mount brake setup. incl. master, brake lever and perch, lines, calipers and pads. great condition, great upgrade for 636's as they are both radial mount and interchangeable! gix1k are stronger and more durable, a cheap upgrade once you resell stock system - $250
    -50mm clipons (interchangable w/ zx10r) - awesome, almost perfect shape. if they weren't used they'd be perfect. $80/pair
    -bar hardware, buttons, starter unit, turn signal unit, etc. - $20
    -lower triple tree - mint shape - $125

    Ducati parts
    -748 916 rear rim in chrome. Comes with pirelli dragon supercorsa rubber that's been through 1 heat cycle. - $300

    Gix 600 00-04
    -rear tail. Great condition! - $195

    Also, I know that sometimes there are better prices on ebay than I posted, I searched ended auctions and took the average. But know this, from me, you are buying something that isn't stolen and in the condition I say it is. I am doing custom work to my bike, I didn't steal one and am parting it out (as there surely are some on ebay.) You are buying pieces of a babied bike here, not one that is someones stolen baby.

    Email me at llyzic@gmail.com or PM me.

    Pictures can be viewed by looking at this page -http://members.shaw.ca/lyzic/bike.html. If you don't see pictures of what you're looking for let me know and I'll put some up.
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    prices changed, things added and removed, blah blah blah

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