Erratic behaviour from my bike!!
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Thread: Erratic behaviour from my bike!!

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    Question Erratic behaviour from my bike!!

    So i'm going downtown to visit my girlfriend and when i hit Main st and am waiting for the signal, my bike sounds like its going to shut off the revs are dipping and not sounding normal, more erratic and off beat and then my check engine light comes on briefly. I continue, watching carefully, and just trying to keep my revs up so i don't stall. I noticed that my signals seem to be drawing power from everything else ( my running lights were pulsing with the signals and my console was fading as well) This has never happened before, and its a pretty new bike so i was baffled. On my way home i noticed it for a while, but once i hit the highway it stopped and when i got home i checked everything out and it all seems normal now. This ever happen to anyone, or does anybody know what might be causing it? Any input would be appreciated.

    One more note, before i hit the highway i pulled over to warm up my hands, and i checked all my signals and stuff to see if they were all working, when i hit the high beam the bike shut off, which is leading me to believe that this is electrical.
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    older r6's had shitty reg/rec's. maybe the same problem.

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    Sounds like regulator/rectifier problems. That'd be my guess.

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    make sure bat leads are tight.

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    sounds like the quantum transfunctioner / regulator recifyer . get it checked out b-4 your bike blows up!

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