Why Squid??
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Thread: Why Squid??

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    Why Squid??

    I'm a new rider... and lovin every minute of it! Just wondering what the actual meaning of a 'squid' is... and why the heck are they called squids? Why not something else... like 'fish' or 'goats'?? Somebody help me out here!!

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    I understood that the sea creatures by that name go fast in a straight line but need to slow down to a stop to turn a corner. Then they dart off again in a straight line.

    Echo this on the street and you've got a squid.

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    have you seen how squids swim? Basically they go fast on the straight then park the bike on the corner. Then go fast on the straight, then park the bike on the corner again. Hence the name SQUIDS!!!

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    Re: Why Squid??

    Originally posted by f4_rocket
    I'm a new rider... and lovin every minute of it! Just wondering what the actual meaning of a 'squid' is...
    SQUished kID is probably as good as any (and there are several).

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    Why do you call riders that don`t wear riding gear squids then.

    I have never heard the style of riding rule before, but its a good one.

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    A joey (newbie) rider will do straights fast (because that's easy) but really slow down for the corners.

    Not using gear is usually associated with newbies that don't know any better or think that because they don't do corners fast, they don't need the gear.

    It's just when some kid walks in front of their bike while they're ripping it in the subdivision - that's when they really should have had the gear (and the cornering skill to avoid the kid without crashing).

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    y'see.. ya takes yer live squid (fresh from the market) and then you toss it out in front of ya.

    Watch how it squiggle's and squirms as it bounces down the sidewalk (you weren't going to throw it in the house were you?)

    That's what a guy looks like when he dumps his bike.

    That squirming and writhing you see him doing is the result of his flesh grinding away on the pavement. A direct result of the squid's badge of honour - tanktop, shorts and flipflops..

    How do you spot one? Always look for the rider 'manfully twisting and jerking his right hand at the exit of each corner. (you can usually see their torso flailing up and down in an effort to twist even harder)

    He does that to:
    1. compensate for his serious lack of corner speed
    2. pad his ego.

    hmm.. i must be in one of those moods again lol

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    Or SQUirlly kID aswell...I've heard that from an older, more experienced rider also.

    VanCity...there have been a few threads about the topic of whether a guy without gear is a squid. From the definitions given above, it doens't appear as though gear has anything to do with it. But there also seems to be a correlation between lack of gear and squidly behaviour. ie) maybe not every guy in a tank top and sneaks is a squid...but most squids you'll see might be wearing tank-tops and sneaks (on hot days like this anyways). I don't know...maybe.

    Personally, I'm a bit of a safety nerd...I don't really like riding with guys wearing no gear. I find myself pre-occupied with their well being if we are riding hard.
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    To me a squid is some person who spends more time washing, detailing, and customizing his/her bike than actually riding. And When riding occurs, it's usually in sunny warm weather (so bike stays relatively clean) and rides conservatively in turns. Opens up the throttle in straights to a dealer and asks for more power. Ocassionally they will hit the local mountain roads and check thier tires to see how low they've gone.

    I actually saw a guy downtown in full gear with worn down knee sliders. Only problem was, the scrape patterns on his sliders don't match real knee drags!! LOSER!
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    I'm with ya on this one Harps (Good to see ya again tonite BTW). Its the old adage:

    100% of Heroin addicts started by smoking pot. Thereby concluding that smoking pot leads to Heroin. But did anyone ask the 99% of pot smokers why they don't do smack?

    Same applies with invertaebrates (spelling anyone?).

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    Corner Carver
    My understanding was, Severely Quick Under Dressed. There was something for the I, but I don't remember.

    I saved this from another newsgroup a few months ago to bug a friend. I don't agree with all of them but it's worth a laugh.

    Required attire to look like a "SQUID"

    1. Flip-Flops, sandals, barefooted, or fashionable sneakers.
    2. Tank top, T-shirt, or shirtless
    3. Shorts (underwear showing gets points )
    4. No gloves (with lots of jewelry gets points )
    5. No-helmet (full-faced race replica at $800 retail gets points )

    Required bike for a "SQUID"

    1. any year model GSXR of any displacement.
    2. any late model 600 (open class bikes gets points)
    3. Bike has to have lots of scratches, cracked fairings (mismatched panels and colors gets points)
    4. Lots of tacky aftermarket FAKE "carbon look" crap on the bike.
    5. Lots of tacky flames, logos, graphics and colors that don't match (flames pointing the wrong way gets points)
    6. Lots of tacky bright paint (fur gets points X 100)

    Required activities to act like a "SQUID"

    1. LOTS of wheelies (christs, superman, recumbent, too up gets points)
    2. LOTS of burnouts (mad maxes, and tire pops get points)
    3. LOTS of stoppies (a perfect 10 gets points)
    4. LOTS of straight line speeding (draggin the pegs TAKES points)
    5. NO twisties, the sides of the tires should show NO wear! (flat spots gets points)
    6. Belonging to a riding group with a mispelled name such as Boyz or Doodz ( other words like Star, Lighting, Rad etc gets points )
    7. Video taping yourself and your budz driving everyone else insurance up on public roads (ambulances in the video gets points )
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    Wow...now THAT is detailed, Corner Carver!!

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    Corner Carver
    Originally posted by SilverHeartz
    Wow...now THAT is detailed, Corner Carver!!
    I can't take any credit , I borrowed it from another newsgroup. I do like the bonus points.

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    cool. i don't meet ANY of the squid requirements. my lack of REAL riding gear is due to financial concerns, and i'm working diligently on that one...

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