LoJack your bike. In the US
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Thread: LoJack your bike. In the US

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    LoJack your bike. In the US

    Saw this on Speed site. No more free parts..............

    LoJack Corporation, the company that created and leads the global stolen vehicle recovery market, has announced LoJack For Motorcycles, a tracking and recovery solution for stolen motorcycles. Motorcycle sales are booming as is motorcycle theft, which rose a full 55 percent from 2002 to 2003. LoJack For Motorcycles addresses this escalating problem.

    LoJack For Motorcycles features the core strengths that have made LoJack's flagship Stolen Vehicle Recovery System a successful solution to the serious problem of vehicle theft over the past 18 years. It’s directly integrated with law enforcement agencies in LoJack markets – the company’s Police Tracking Computers are installed in police vehicles, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft and are used to track and recover stolen vehicles.

    It is also based on LoJack’s tried-and-true radio frequency technology, which has proven to be optimal for tracking and recovery – it is effective even if the vehicle is in a garage, steel container or surrounded by dense foliage.

    Lastly, the systems are covert – LoJack For Motorcycles is hidden on the bike so that thieves would not suspect the device exists and, therefore, would not attempt to find and disengage it.

    Taken together, these strengths have enabled LoJack to deliver a better than 90 percent success rate in recovering stolen cars and trucks.

    LoJack For Motorcycles will be rolled out on a market-by-market basis in the United States, where motorcycle theft rates are highest. The product is available now at certified franchise dealers in Massachusetts and will be available in the greater Miami/Fort Lauderdale area by March 2005. LoJack For Motorcycles will also become available in Texas and California markets later in 2005.

    The product has a MSRP of $595 and one-time dealer installation fee.
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    This is good news for our friends south of the Border, and no good for us in Canada. Talon will be introducing its GPS alarm before the riding season takes off this year. We are still integrating the ASP into our website,etc., but if there are any eager beavers out there that just can't wait, get a hold of me and I will set something up. Our system will run much less, around 429USD, as opposed to say cycle track at 599USD. You will be able to log into a secure page from our website and track your bike on-line. The unit is small, about the size of a wipe board eraser, it has an internal battery that will send out position reports if power is cut off. Much like the extra Lojack option for 395USD, we will have a system in place that will page your cell phone, email, etc. except that ours be included. We still have not officially named this unique product. We have thrown out ideas like the Talon Trakker, but I wanna know what you guys think.
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    How about this...... http://www.vehicle-tracking-gps.com/

    It allows you to track your own bike, set up warnings if it goes outside a present perimeter, tracks topspeed, and doesn't run on 3rd parties. Pretty interesting, but expensive.

    Off the first link I noticed a canada link at the bottom of the main page... here is where it takes you too. I didn't get to read it yet but if this is for canada with no monthly fees sounds good to me.

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