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    Road trip

    Hey everyone,

    Well i know this is way in advance but i figure theres no harm in starting to figure things out now. In july I'm planning on making a trip from Maple Ridge, to visit friends out in alberta. The locations im planning on stopping are Grand Prairies, Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge. I'm just trying to figure out if there is some good roads to take out there to make the ride even more fun, or what i should try to take with me.

    Before this trip I'll be making a few longer trips on weekends and stuff to get used to longer periods of riding, plus i hafta break in the new leathers...

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated


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    simply put go south. Come through BC on HWY 3 and you needn't stray too far for a good ride all the way to the alberta border. just remember the twisties end when you cross the border to "the flatlands"
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    If time isn't an issue, you can take Hwy 3 to the border, then head North along the Spine of the Rockies to Jasper and into Edmonchuk via Jasper. That way you can almost eliminate any flat boring stretches. However, there is no way to get to Grand Prairie without riding on a drone strip without any twisties. I would ride to Edmonton then rent a car to do the GP trip. No point wasting tires on something as monotonous as that.
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    Hinton to Grand Prairie isn't too bad. It's not particularly twisty, but it is rolling country and the road is lightly travelled and fast if you're so inclined (watch for the wildlife!). Contrary to what some recent maps show, it is all paved, but gas is only available in Grand Cache. GP to Edmonton is a definite snooze fest.
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    My recommendation if you have the time is to head south and follow WA hwy 20 all the way to Montana. Go thru Glacier National before heading norht to Alberta. Your route thru Alberta is up to you but I would do the Icefields Parkway and return via the Yellow Head from Jasper.
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