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Forwarding with permission - cross-posting encouraged! It's obviously not LDR but sounds like a great place to hone riding skills and try out some new bikes.

Mark your calendars!

This year's Femmoto event will be on October 1st at Las Vegas Motor Speedway!

If you haven't been to Femmoto before, this is an awesome fun event for women motorcyclists of all skill levels.

Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Kawasaki, Buell, and more will provide demo bikes for you to try out in a safe environment - the track. Riders are divided into skill levels and groups rotate turns on the track with guides and instructors in the mix. When you aren't on the track, you can attend seminars, shop among the various vendors at the event, or connect with other women riders from all over the country.

Saturday, October 1st will be the women's demo riding day - you don't need a bike, just get yourself out to the track and ride the demo bikes. Moto-Euro magazine will be hosting a banquet and fashion show at the host hotel (Sahara Las Vegas) on Saturday evening. Sunday the 2nd will be a regular track day (men too) at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in case you don't get enough of the track on Saturday.

For more information and to sign up:

Hope to see you out there!

A bunch of people emailed me with questions, so I'll try to answer them all here for everyone.
First of all, the site has been updated with the pricing and an easier registration system. Hopefully this will help.
It's $125 for the Saturday women only track day ($85 + membership to Sportbike Track Time) give or take a few $ for various memberships.
You have to make your own hotel arrangements. The Sahara is the host hotel and is offering a Femmoto rate (I think it's $119 which is pretty good for the strip on a Sat nite) so be sure to ask for it. Also, the Saturday evening banquet and fashion show will be held at the Sahara. There are plenty of lower cost hotels nearby too, just be careful because Sahara is at the north end of the strip and from there to downtown it's pretty sketchy area.
The Saturday Femmoto event includes the demo bikes. So you can fly in with your moto gear, get to the track, and ride your brains out without having to figure out how to get a bike to Vegas. (In fact, only the sponsors' demo bikes are allowed on the track that day) On Sunday, it's an open track day where you ride your own bike and demo bikes are not available.
And yes, this event is a total blast! It's very exciting and fun and inspiring. Some women have emailed me to say "I don't get into women-only rides". I don't really understand why not because it's so much fun and there really is that element of non-threatening female bonding etc etc, but also, women-only or not, why would anyone pass up the chance to spend a day riding spanking-new Aprilias and other bikes on a totally killer track?? Go figure.

That's the update for now, hope to see ya out there!


PS - oh, and there are plenty of men there as spectators and supporters or Sunday track riders.