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    Westside Road

    This does not sound good. As seen on CKNW website.

    Westside Road expansion starts next month in Kelowna
    Mar, 02 2005 - 8:10 PM

    KELOWNA/CKNW(AM980)--Thousands of tons of rock from the Westside Road expansion will start moving into Kelowna's City Park in early April.
    The Ministry of Transport and the blasting contractor are going to try to minimize the traffic inconvenience.

    Ron Matheson, the Ministry man in charge of the new bridge project says the rock from the Westside Road straightening project makes perfect pre-load fill for both approaches to the crossing.

    When it comes to trucking rock into City Park, Matheson says they're suggesting early starts, "Earlier in the day and then working through the mid-day and then, basically shutting off trucks at 3:30 in the afternoon so we avoid the high traffic period."

    Matheson says they want to have the rock in place on the City side before the May long weekend and hopefully, before the City's Centennial Celebrations in the first week of May.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canuck
    Road straightening project

    I hate that term

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    Gone, like the barnet highway, Sea to sky, etc, etc.

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    banana bike man
    They are "fixing" one small section of the road.
    South of Bear Creek PP for thoes that know the road, right along the lake where the log booms float.

    The rest of the road, at this point, is its normal bumpy, chunky self.

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    It's a plot by da MAN I tell ya!

    I've ridden Westside about 5 times. This is sad to hear. I'm assuming that most of the straightening will be in the lower half of the route where the lack of house driveways made it practical to ride a little more spiritedly. The upper half will likely still be there but I never felt comfy doing much over the limit up there thanks to the sand/gravel, blind corners and high concentration of blind driveways.
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    According to the news, the project includes the realignment, widening, and installation of additional roadside barrier on a 1.1 kilometer section. Including the "corner of doom" that part was never much fun anyway, too many R.V's heading to bear creek park... the best part of the road is going to stay the same

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