Watch out for that Mud/Dirt
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Thread: Watch out for that Mud/Dirt

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    Watch out for that Mud/Dirt

    Just a friendly warning from a fellow "noob"

    Watch out for Mud/dirt on roads, it's really slippery!! For example on Pacific Highway (176ST) near the Golf Course, there's lots of road work going on, and big trucks are dropping lots of dirt on the road.

    2 days ago, I wasn't being careful enough, and attempted to pass a slower moving pickup while I was heading to the freeway in the morning... well even with my puny 250cc (and heading downhill at that) I lost traction of my rear tire, and started kicking it out... I tried not to panic, I just kept riding it out making sure it didn't slip out any farther, and trying to real it in... until I was past the pickup. Semed like forever until I was safely on the clean side of the road :O Being on a 250 I'm not expecting to break the rear tire loose, specially dry weather!

    That was freaky, So... I now try to remember to watch where I pass...

    Then today, heading HOME from work, the roads around the same spot on 176 were really muddy, and super moist for some reason... I was riding on my side of the road (Not passing, since I already learnt that lesson) when the rear broke loose AGAIN! this time I wasn't even accellerating!

    The slipperiness was worse than riding in frosty mornings (I've been riding all winter) I totally didn't expect it... I just went easy, without turning off my line, and kept the throttle constant, but slowley decellerating (just incase I went down)... scary again :S

    I'm just lucky both times that I didn't chop the throttle (and load the front tires grip), and that my front tire didn't wash out due to the slickness!

    So be warned! I'm still a noob (dispite having 20,000km's under my belt) and I'm learning still all the time! Road Condition, and the perception of it is very important!

    Ride safe everyone!

    - Joseph

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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    That's what I love about being a dirtbiker, when that happens I get excited, not scared.

    But you're right, that shit's everywhere right now.

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