New rider died last night
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Thread: New rider died last night

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    Think you can handle that liter bike?

    From RCMP Page

    High Speed and Driver Inexperience Contribute to Motorcyclist’s Death

    West Shore RCMP detachment members responded with emergency crews to the scene of a fatal motor vehicle incident on the Malahat section of the Trans Canada Highway shortly before 2:00 pm today. Witness statements relate that the 21 year old motorcyclist was south bound on the Trans Canada highway, on the 4 lane area north of Goldstream Park, when he lost control of the motorcycle on the left curve of the highway. The motorcycle careened into the ditch, causing fatal injuries to the rider.

    Preliminary scene investigation, interviews and technical collision analyst work has lead to the belief that extreme high speed of the 1000 cc high performance motorcycle and driver inexperience contributed to the cause of this tragic incident. The motorcycle was just registered on March 2nd, 2005. The rider was in possession of a valid learner’s motorcycle permit only issued the previous day.

    New and veteran motorcycle riders should take extra care when beginning the riding season. Skills lost over the winter take time to reacquire, and mistakes and misjudgements sometimes have tragic consequences. Please ride safely.

    Gord Bedingfield, Cpl.
    West Shore RCMP
    698 Atkins Ave.
    Victoria, BC V9B 4A3

    Phone: (250) 474-8752
    Fax: (250) 391-3308

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarChild
    From RCMP Page

    The motorcycle was just registered on March 2nd, 2005. The rider was in possession of a valid learner’s motorcycle permit only issued the previous day.
    I think this is the obvious reason for the accident. A liter bike with a learner's permit?

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    so young. so stupid. so dead.

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    we are all stupid... just because someone fucked up doesnt make any of you (us) better... heed the warning.. dont judge

    do any of you know if MAYBE this person had been riding dirt/track for many years...probably not, but you dont know.

    have some respect for the dead
    R.I.P. Dan and Cody

    Forever in my mind, forever in my thoughts, forever in my heart

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    Maybe he was part of this board. Maybe he swung wide to miss a squirrel or something esle on the road.
    Could have happened on a CB400. The RCMP clearly shows the accident was because of the riders speed and possible lack of skill.

    Rest in Peace
    21 years is way too young to leave this place

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    After 15 years of riding, I am about to get my first litre bike. This is going to be a season of learning. Have to admit, that power is a somewhat intimidating, I intend on taking it slow. Well, sometimes.

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    i'm sure his friends and family appreciate this thread.

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    I doubt he was travelling at a speed that was not attainable on any 600cc bike.
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    Wow, reading that I thought they were talking about me + a year until they talked about the learners permit. I insure my 2nd liter bike on March 2nd, you can crash just as fast with a 600cc...It's all in the wrist whether or not the bike has 1000cc or 250cc...

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    You guys are right, it just may be possible that there is more to the story.
    I apologize for the previous comments.
    I didn't have my morning coffee, and I'm quite bitter right now in regards to newbs crashing, nearly killing/killing themselves and my own personal BS legal situation. long fcked story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by `bertR1`
    ...It's all in the wrist whether or not the bike has 1000cc or 250cc...
    Ditto. While the acceleration capabilities of a 1000 are far beyond that of a 250 or 400 and may surprise a new rider, this accident happened on a section where you're maintaining a constant speed (should be) through the series of bends, so he could have lost control just as easily on a smaller-displacement bike. I'd wager that target fixation was just as big a factor as the speed at which he was travelling.

    Regardless of our theories, though, my condolences go out to the family, and RIP rider.
    "When in doubt, FLAT OUT!"

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    Nope, you guys are wrong.
    For sure a 600 can go just as fast but this is such a textbook example why a graduated licence is needed.
    RIP to the rider & condolences to the family.

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    Reminds me of the bike show last year, I came up to the Suzuki booth to get Clint McBain's signature. I get there and he's mid conversation with a mother an father and I catch. "So... no ma'am, I certainly do NOT think a Hayabusa would be a good first bike for your son."

    "Working on a motorcycle, working well, caring, is to become part of a process, to achieve an inner peace of mind. The motorcycle is primarily a mental phenomenon."

    - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert M. Pirsig

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    a 1000cc may not be the only reason why he crashed. But Im sure it contributed to it.

    No matter what a 1000cc and a learners permit do not work together.
    Team Troll - Triple T

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    Ya, the bike's displacement is really irrelevant. It was a modern rocket, that's all there is to it. If the guy had dirt or whatever experience it really is helpful on the street but also has little in common with riding on asphalt. All hands point to this guy being really inexperienced and going way too fast for his ability in the situation. It's sad, but there always seem to be these tragic examples to remind us of the consequences of stupidity.

    (I'm going 100% with the young and inexperienced angle regardless of respect for the dead and not knowing the whole story bullshit)

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