Moutain biking with one arm
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Thread: Moutain biking with one arm

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    Moutain biking with one arm

    Hey all,

    Dustin Bryant is a buddy of mine, he was born with one arm. Now, I find it hard enough to ride a moutain bike with two arms but, he downhill races with one arm! I've ridden with him a couple times and I cant believe how fast he is, I've never been able to keep up.

    He is entered into a competition, and I was wondering if you guys could help him out. If ya go to the link below, you can sign up, watch a video of him(and other competitors) then vote for who you think is best. I know it takes time to sign up and all, but, please help him out, he needs to win so he can buy a new mountain bike! The voting takes place March 4 -11th.

    Thank you.
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    Cool, Ive seen him race a few times around the BC cup circuit. he's fast!

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    I know Tyler Klassen, he was one of my teachers kids in highschool...He's a really talented rider...Good luck to all of the contestants, but if Danny can do it with 1 arm, he's truly greater than the rest! haha, I know Jesse Meerkerk too! What a homo!

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    He is only faster cause hes lighter......Doh!!

    Hey! good luck and happy trails...reallly he's armless!

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