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    tree on road....

    I get off work at midnight, and when I was heading home tonight I was going onto the highway at Mt. Lehman going east....
    Just after the flat part where is starts to slope down ( the shoulder check part)... I am looking over my shoulder for the merge... but caught something out of the corner of my right eye...
    really quick glance back at it.. HOLY SHIT! It was a evergreen tree ( Large X-mas tree) laying in the raod blocking my way!
    I was doing about 90 clicks.. just about ready to merge...
    Harsh bank to the left...
    Needless to say my heart was in my throat. Friggin thing was about 6-7 feet across and about 3 1/2 feet tall.
    This wasnt a tree that had fallen over... it was crap from someones truck that fell out.

    Just wanted to remind everyone to keep their eyes open. weird things in bad places...

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    glad you're okay and made it outta there without a scratch, coulda been ugly!

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    Good periferal vision. My friend hit an x-mas tree in his Chevy stepside one time amd it ripped the entire back fender off of the truck. Very scary.

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