wrong spark plug heat range
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Thread: wrong spark plug heat range

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    wrong spark plug heat range

    what, if any, would be the consequences of having plugs that's a little higher in the heat range than specified?

    i bought plugs for my ZX600C from Imperial a couple of weeks ago but they didn't have my exact ones...they had plugs that was slightly hotter, but mechanics there said that that would be ok.

    now my bike isn't running 100%. start up is ok but after about 20 mins of riding (to/from work, so some stop-and-go traffic), it starts acting up. once i stop at a light, whether in neutral or if i keep it in 1st gear, the rpm's seem to go down...it almost sounds like it's going to die on me. then when i go, it's a little boggy in the lower revs, but ok as i get in the higher rpm's.

    i only experience this after riding for a bit and only if i come to a stop. i took the bike up the S2S and i didn't experience this problem until i stopped at the lights beside starbucks and mcdonald's in squamish.

    so you guys think it's the plugs?

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    That's what it sounds like in my experience. Too hot a plug might do that. Just to be sure, did you change them yourself? Might have a loose lead. Your best bet would be to bring the bike back to them to be sure though.

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    yea, its the plugs. my vfr will take a
    8 (cold start and regular riding)
    9 (high speed)
    10 (race)

    running 9 would bog down in lower rpms, the 8s feel a difference. got mine at lordco, they gave me a wicked deal without even knowing me
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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