whats so significant about OVAL pipes?
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Thread: whats so significant about OVAL pipes?

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    whats so significant about OVAL pipes?

    Like the title said.. I have noticed pipes on bikes.. like Blade 929 he has a carbon fiber pip and its oval? my pipe is a carbon fiber as well but its not oval.. whats so significat about this? Arrodynamics? can somebody please let me know.. im just curiouse thanks

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    I think the two main reasons are aerodynamics, and ground clearance.

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    I think it's more stylistic than anything else...something that looks sort of different. Aftermarket oval pipes generally have more packing than their aftermarket round counterparts, and are therefore usually quieter abnd heavier. I know it's true for my pipe...I have an oval Yosh RS-3, and the round one is louder and (slightly) lighter.

    It does give you better ground clearance too...but I doubt too many of us have to worry about grounding out our exhausts. Smae with high-mounts...it's mainly just to look cool, I don't think 99% of the guys you see with high-mounts are worried about the the ground clearance of the stock pipe.
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    i think it's for clearance and aesthetics...mine's oval and i really don't think i'd ever bottom a round can..but it looks cool though!!

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