GSXR wont start!
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Thread: GSXR wont start!

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    GSXR wont start!

    I have a 01 gsxr 600, battery is fine, all wires are connected,fuses aren't blown, suzuki tech took a look at the whole bike and everything is fine but the bike won't fully crank over. My boy is getting a CP Sensor today to try to see if thats the problem,but does anyone else know what else I might test out?

    This happaned right after an oil change I did, after the oil change we let the bike run for a few minutes,and it shut off and since then we haven't been able to start it.

    We tried out a new battery,checked the tip sensor, unplugged wiires and whatnot. It does make a clicking sound near the rear where there is another positive/negativer terminal.

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    I would get back to the Battry. I no you say you tryed but check with a meter if a batt is even a little low it'll crank but no fire. All the best and good luck.

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    Well, I even put in my brothers brand new battery and it didnt work. We even hooked up a booster pack to my old battery,and nothing.
    It's like the bike is right at the point of starting, but for some reason it can't do it.

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    Well a good rule of thumb is start at the most basic. Have a coffee and come back to it. now I just sold my 97 and sometimes that fuse along the left at the back would need a wiggle cuz I was to lazy to hit it with a file.

    Cheers Bro

    P.S. hit all batt terminals with a bit of emery paper and tighten it all down

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    You did put the oil back into it right....?
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    yah I would say thated help too lol

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    Hi Give this a try ............( your Suzuki tech'y would have pick'd it up )
    Maybe a poor earth/connection

    I bought a 750 srad and had a pile of starting problems.
    It was ok(ish) when cold but as motor got hotter it was giving sighns of a flat
    battrey,or the engine was going tight.It was charging ok,rectifier/regulator etc check'd out ok.Even changed the started motor.
    A spark'y mate of mine told me that the charging system on the srads is link'd
    with the lighting circuit,so if you have a bulb out or a lighting fault,this will affect
    the charging.........anyway it was'nt this that was causing the problem.
    I took the fairings off the near side and followed the main loom from front to back,
    pulling apart and cleaning all the block connectors.I used a small needle file and some
    curcuit board cleaner to scrape the green mold off the tiny electrical pins inside.
    Also I removed tank and clean'd earths/lives and basicly,anything with an electrical connector.
    Allthough the fairing covers the loom,it's still exposed to the weather,and those block connectors do hold the
    water in.(SRAD's anyway) Now and then I remove fairings and blow dry connectors................
    I'm not sure exactly what connection it was that was causing problem but
    I'll bet my life it was behind the n/s fairing,cover'd in green mold.

    My starting problem was cured

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