2004 GS500F exhaust upgrade
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Thread: 2004 GS500F exhaust upgrade

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    2004 GS500F exhaust upgrade

    Im looking to upgrade my stock exhaust to an aftermarket exhaust. Where is the best place to buy on in the lower mainland? What are some exhausts that would fit a Suzuki GS500F? I'd also like to change the angle of the exhaust to make it point upwards a bit more, has anyone done a job like this in the past and could give me some information about it. Also I have a rear tire size of 130/70-17, could i fit a wider tire on this bike?

    Thank YOu

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    for fitting a wider tire on go to www.gstwin.com, I think there are a few there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G-slide
    go see nipple-nose maybe he can pass the doochie?!
    This guy has some interesting GS500 mods on his site.

    and LOL @ Gurps, he's on the gud shit tonite

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    That GStwin site is a great resource.

    Wider rear tires could easily mess up the handling. I see by that GS site they suggest you can use 150's for race rubber. But those are race tires and may not match what a street tire feels like. Certainly you can't go wider than that. Even then the fit to feel will be very brand and model specific. Not just any old 150 will go on and provide you with good feel.

    My suggestion would be to ride with the 130 for a while, get the feel of the bike, play with the suspension (adding those preload spacers) and generally dial in the bike and you first. Then go for the new tire but be prepared to write it off as a bad experiment and suck up the cost if it makes the bike feel like crap. Function first and looks second.
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