Dale and Linda get up one morning. As always they race for the shower. Dale manages to get there first. Linda a little miffed let it slide. As soon as Dale came out of the shower Linda was getting ready to go in when the door bell rang.
Well, Linda jumped into the shower and told Dale to deal with it. Dale took a towel and wrapped it around his waist and went to answer the door. As he opens the door he sees Carol his next door neighbor.
Good morning to you Carol said and he replied in kind. What can I do for you Dale said.
Well, I tell you what, if you drop your towel and turn around for me I will give you 500 bucks.
Dale did not believe her and laughed. To his surprise she pulled 500 dollars from her pocket and showed it to him.
He thought about it for a few seconds and then dropped the towel. He did a little turn for her so she could have a good look at him. Well, I can't believe you did it. Here's the 500 I promised you. Have a good day.
Dale could not believe his good fortune. He closed the door, picked up his towel and proceeded to go upstairs wanting to tell his wife about his good fortune. As he enters the bathroom Linda askes, who was it at the door Dale?
It was Carol our next door neighbor.
Well, Linda replied did she give you the 500 bucks I loaned her.