How are the roads to calgary?
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Thread: How are the roads to calgary?

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    How are the roads to calgary?

    I'm leaving for two weeks in Manitoba tommorrow at 6:30-7 in the morning, and my dad wants to go to Medicine Hat before stopping (1400 km.) lololol

    How are the roads to Calgary, and good ones of are they just highways?

    Oh yah, who thinks we ain't going to get 1400 km the first day :P (He thinks we can do car trip times without either of us having long distance bike trip experience)

    Oh, and no one crash while I'm gone.

    Have fun

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    It would be best (ie, better for motorbikes) to take highway #3 (Crowsnest highway)from Hope all the way to Alberta and to Medicine Hat. It takes a little longer in terms of time but it is less crowded and more twisties!

    I've done this trip many times and never got a speeding ticket. You can maintain a 140kph or higher except near towns. Just be careful around Hope and into and around Manning Park. You'll love the ride going this way. Much better than TransCanana highway.

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    I just did it a couple of weeks ago when I went to the Calgary Stampede. If you can work it, definately ride Nakusp to Revelstoke which is between Revelstoke and Castlegar. You will NOT regret it. That is the best I have ever riden and I have riden tons of them in the interior. You can take #5 to revelstoke then book south to #3 then on your way if you are not worried about time. But I would highly recommend it. There is a ferry which is free between revelstoke and Nakusp. If you don't hit it, #3 is fine the whole way through BC. Castlegar to calgary via banff is also good until you hit banff then it's just straight. If you see any routes you want to do, let me know, chances are I've done them.

    Have a good trip and ride safe. We did 1000km/day in seering 102 degree heat. We couldn't no any longer than that. You can try though.

    Have a good ride!

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