2004 suzuki gs500f air care restrictors
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Thread: 2004 suzuki gs500f air care restrictors

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    Question 2004 suzuki gs500f air care restrictors

    The guy that i bought my gs500f off said that for about 130 dollars he can do some mods such as, take off all the extra american air care restrictors that slow down the bike. I am wondering if it is worth it to pay the 130 dollars or just get a new exhaust pipe, or exhaust system.


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    save your money for your next bike.

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    All you should need to do for that is re-jet to 1980's standards, and adjust the
    idle mix screws (which should be covered with some soft metal caps).

    Any good shop will know exactly what you're looking to do, which is improve
    the low speed running and improve warmup and throttle response. There's
    a thousand web pages on the subject for your bike, Google "GS500 re-jet"

    It'll run better, but there's not a lot of "power" to be gained. Nor from an
    exhaust. You'll just get more noise. Keep the stock exhaust, you'll likely
    be re-selling the bike some day soon if you trade up.

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