Motorolla V400 and Ericsson T610 $200 each
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Thread: Motorolla V400 and Ericsson T610 $200 each

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    Motorolla V400 and Ericsson T610 $200 each

    hey ppl selling a couple brand new phones that i got with my new contract. everythngs in there. u can check out the phones and features at
    and jsut to answer a few questions u can get these phones for free or for a hundred bux bu thats with a new activation or 2 yr contract (which i had to do) but im fine with my current phone so im selling these.

    778 889 5436 Kien

    phones come with everything that its supposed to so call only if u want them. im pretty firm on the price unless u plan to grab both of them.

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    T610 is gone. v400 still available.. OBO now

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