FS- Canon Eos-1D Mark II Camera (professional)
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Thread: FS- Canon Eos-1D Mark II Camera (professional)

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    FS- Canon Eos-1D Mark II Camera (professional)


    It dosent get any better than this. This camera is the type paparazzi use for magazine's ect.... It is TOP OF THE LINE Professional camera. This isen't for your day to day regular joe who wants to take a picture of his fish he just caught, (but u could) This camera is for EXPERIENCED Photographers ONLY (however anybody can buy it).

    EOS-1D Mark II
    8.2 Megapixels
    8.5 frames per second and up to 40 consecutive frames in a single burst.
    230,000 pixel high detail LCD monitor ect... ect... ect....
    For complete info go HERE

    get ready boys & girls ........ ........ ........ $6000 firm or trade for a 99+ Suzuki GSXR-600 or 750 |||| Regular $7000 + taxes in the stores.

    PM's only

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