Posting for a friend . . . . all only used 1/2 season

Arai Signet GT-R (removable liner)
yellow, black, and silver
2 visors (smoked and clear)
with box and bag

Sidi Vert2 Boots
fit size 10.5
black and red
with box and little keychain

First Gear Leather Jacket
perforated leather
hard armour

All purchased new at RMS and still like new. (may be small mark in jacket)

Will sell sparately but prefer to sell all together.

Asking $1200
Will probably take $900-950 (don't tell him I said that)

His name is Danny and his cell # is 604-340-9439

attached image is lame but gives on OK look at gear (with arrows for the ultra newbs). He'll send me better pics later and I'll post.