Any suggestions/opinions for tires for the cage
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Thread: Any suggestions/opinions for tires for the cage

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    Any suggestions/opinions for tires for the cage

    Came back from mechanic today and was told I need to buy a set of tires soon . Did a bit of research and came down to this shortlist. I'm looking for a set of performance all seasons. Anyone have any experience or opinion, I'd appreciate the words of wisdom/advice. Price listed is per piece in Cdn $$.

    1. Bridgestone Potenza RE950 $165.99
    2. Pirelli Pzero Nero M&S $185.99
    3. Falken ZE 512 $129.99
    4. Kumho Ecsta ASX $145.99
    5. Toyo Proxes 4 $149.99
    6. Toyo Proxes TPT $149.99
    7. Yoko AVID H4S $149.99

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    Toyo Proxes 4.. I had these on both my cars (Civic and Maxima). Even wear, quiet ride and found both cars to stick to the road. Not so great in the snow, so I bought winter tires. Not to mention I was living in Northern Ont.

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    I have had Dunlop Sport A2's on a '91 Civic Si HB.
    They were reasonably priced too. Purchased through OK Tire.
    (I don't recall how much they would have been at the time, but a bargain for sure)
    Nothing but good experience with the setup.
    Highly recommended from me.
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    bad, m'kay?
    What kind of car are you putting tires on? It make a lot of difference to your choices.

    I don't have much experience with Falken or Toyo and have not heard good things on Kumho. Potenza REs are quite good in everything except snow. Yoko AVIDs are good all around but there really not performance tires - more family sedan oriented. Pirelli Ps are also good but on the soft (wear quickly) side.
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    hey man,

    I work for Kaltire. I would go with the Falken 512's Best Tire for dollar value, good looking and perform excellent. Bridgestone, Michelin, Firestone, Toyo... all manufacturers don't offer road hazard warranty on their tires anymore so check if the shop you are buying from offers anything. Kaltire offers the warranty free while all other business's are gonna charge extra for it.


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    check for reviews & ratings. I've found some good pricing on tires at if you want to compare with what your local stores are charging.

    Good luck

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    My what?
    I put the Michelin Hydro Edge on the wife's car. Traction is an A rating wear is an A rating. They come with a 140000km tread life warranty. We've put 30000km since the tires were new and they very little sign of wear. I've driven the car hard in the rain, snow and dry and I would buy another set of these in a heart beat.
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