taken from intencity.cc and adapted to fit. Apparently they've got two of the local bike shops coming, but they'd like to see more bikes attending:

Intencity car club would like to invite BCSportbikes.com, and all of its members to our first annual car show Friday July 1st 2005. Intencity is growing rapidly mostly out of Kamloops and the interior, and is continuing to expand everyday.

The show is going to contain awards and prizes, as well as a sound off, and sponsors demo booths etc. We are looking at obtaining over 150 cars at the show, and are certain that holding the show on Canada Day that there is going to be a massive crowd of people in the area. This show is held on a long weekend, making is easy for out of town enthusiasts to attend. Discounted hotels etc will be available to those members from out of town wanting to stay in a hotel. Other arrangements can be made (ie: camping out, spare beds at local enthusiasts houses,

Entrance fee is $10 for now, and will be lessened by more cars attending. A large portion of the proceeds will be going to Diabetes research. If you are interested in attending, or would like any other information, please contact me,

Craig Reimche, Attendance Planner
Official Moderator and Intencity Member