why the F$%k would some key a motorcycle?
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Thread: why the F$%k would some key a motorcycle?

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    why the F$%k would someone key a motorcycle?

    Dont know if this is the right section to post a rant but here goes. I rode my new bike downtown to Robson for sushi with my wife. And no I wansn't trying to score poser points or what ever the hell members call sport bike riders downtown. Anyways, after dinner go out to my bike and what is there but a nice big f*^king keyed scratch across my tank! what kind of stupid c&%ksu*%ker gets off on that shit. Not only am i paying a lot just to own something I have always wanted (payments, insurance, etc) but now I got to take it to a body shop before its even had its first 1000km service! Its scratched right down to bare metal!
    Do you think I will have to have the whole tank re-painted, or can it be touched up, and buffed out?
    Dont know if one of those talon alarms would have prevented it, but I am thinking it might be a good investment...what do you think?
    Right now I wish I could take the assh*@le who did, and put his face right on the exhaust pipe, and redline the engine for about 10 minutes while his face fries like a freakin steak!, then take the key to my bike and key his flesh burnt face!
    should I rant more, well mabye I will just end it here for now

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    That's some key job.

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    geez, sorry to hear about that. some people have nothing better to do

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    Well there's a first for everything...even if it is horrible. Not only do you get to pay a deductible to get that fixed, I bet the bike will be in the shop for a day or so as well. Hopefully it'll be a rainy day thought.
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    Fuck... people are dumb

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    Ah man, i feel really bad for you. Didn't you say that is a new bike to you, and you're a new rider too? What a lame start. If it makes you feel any better, my Van, the neighbours truck, and my other neighbours car all got spray-painted the other day. Heh...

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    I will volunteer to instill said fear.
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    Sometimes it happenes out of spite, sometimes out of sheer stupidity.
    Did you cut somebody off? Where on Robson did you park? (I'm sure youre werent the only bike parked there, maybe more were damaged too).

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    Some people are hateful assholes with no regard for anyone or anything!

    Hope it all works out OK for you...

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    Jealousy = Stupidity

    When I bought my SV in '99 I had it 2-3 weeks and some local kid that couldn't afford a bike deceided to punch the tank... right on Front St. I noticed the knuckel shaped dents before I even got on the bike. Some people just can't to seem to let someone else have anything nicer then what they can afford I guesss... Shitty deal!! did you have specified perils on your insurance?
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    Quote Originally Posted by alternateimpact
    Right now I wish I could take the assh*@le who did, and put his face right on the exhaust pipe, and redline the engine for about 10 minutes while his face fries like a freakin steak!, then take the key to my bike and key his flesh burnt face!
    Ooh... Don't do that... Then you'll have to find a cleaner that can remove baked on skin from your pipe without scratching it.

    Shitty deal. Mental note: Don't leave bike unattended downtown unless you're waiting just out of sight with a baseball bat.
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    That just plain sucks. Sorry man.

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    I hate this world...sorry about your bike man...Did I mention the other night someone ripped off the rear wiper from my car? The idiots that are allowed to live, I swear....

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    what a piss off.sorry to here about your pain.The wife and I like to ride down town
    but I always have another eye on the bike whereever we go.It doesnt make for much of an evening out when your a little worried about your other girl. Im not a paint expert but im thinking that the tank has to be re-done.Its not that much more to paint the whole thing maybe its time to go custom.hehe.personalize it.

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