is there any possible way driving dirtbike on street?
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Thread: is there any possible way driving dirtbike on street?

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    is there any possible way driving dirtbike on street?

    i saw some cute bike today, but it wasn't for street;yamaha mx 80.

    though all the things were just about

    great for me; the prices also satisfied, bike seems great.

    I'd like to know if its driving status can be changed as a street-legal.

    if there is, is it going to be expensive or taking much time?

    please tell me what next steps I'm supposed to

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    It can be converted to street use, but it's not a simple process. You need to add a headlight (offroad headlight isn't good enough at least officially), turn signals, mirror, horn, street legal tires, and a battery to power the lights when the engine is not running. You also have to get the bikes electrical system (if it has one) to charge the battery. If it doesn't have one you'll have to add a generator.

    Once you get this all done, you need to get the bike inspected.

    For a cheap bike all this can cost more than the bike, so I'd say you're better off finding one that is already street legal. There are a few small dual sport (street legal dirt bikes) models out there.

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    I would think for the street, you are going to want something bigger than a YZ80. Plus, that is a 2-stroke, so you will have to carry 2-stroke oil with you everywhere, unless you only use it for short trips around town.
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    Guest seems way harder than I imagined -_- ;;
    i guess i better find one riding for street legal~
    thank you guys for the very useful information

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    i know honda had a few old enduros that were like 75 or 80cc. growing up a buddy used to have one, they're small and road legal

    probably pretty cheap if you could find one too

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    thats the great thing about enduros they can be used on the street and off....

    I have one as well as my sportbike. Only a 200cc but does the job

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