what happens if your bike has a factory defect?
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Thread: what happens if your bike has a factory defect?

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    what happens if your bike has a factory defect?

    what happens if your bike fucks up, on something that isn't that widely publicized. Like the frame of that zx10r that cracked, or their front rims. Say my swingarm developed a hairline fracture halfway along it, not along any welds or anything, just a stress fracture.

    what recourse would i have? is it a dealer thing? is it a manufacturer thing? what?

    just hypothetical of course. my bike has too many different parts on it to be really any single brand anymore.

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    If it is under warrenty, I'd suppose they would be obligated to fix it; providing that it was damage not intentionally or recklessly inflicted by the rider/owner. Then again, it all depends on the shop you've dealt with. The variety of stories I've heard regarding shops that honour problems to those that slap their knee laughing are way too common.
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    I had a serious engine defect on my first sportbike that I bought new. They gave me a new bike after a little bitching

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    Squeaky wheel gets the grease. Its an obvious defect and they are obligated to fix it. Something like a defective engine or frame is going to require a lot of sqeaking.

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    Stuff of that nature often will get some warranty even if the warranty is generally not valid anymore. Take it in and see what you're dealer will do for you. You need to work through a dealer in any event.
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    Unless it's a BMW, then it's a characteristic and it's probably you're fault because you're not riding the bike in the right way anyways.

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