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    Buying Used from a Dealer ...

    I'm still dreaming 'bout my first bike. In the event that I do find what I'm looking for on the lot of a cycle dealership, how do I trust the shops accessment of the bike? Can I have it inspected at another? Would I want to do something like that?
    Does this sound stupid??

    thanks in advance...
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    I would'nt necessarily take the saleman's word on the bike he's trying to peddle. If you do not know much about bikes take someone with you that does. Other than having a good look at the bike and giving it a good test ride there isn't a whole lot you can do. You can end up with a lemon even after paying for inspections.
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    That's too true what oldgixxer said. But you can do something for yourself. Shop at reputable shops that have used bikes as well. Shops such as Imperial, BK, Holeshot but stay away from Daytona in Surrey if you want a mint bike that hasn't been in an accident. Many of their bikes are ICBC writeoffs. Best to take a very experienced person with you if you go there.

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    Further to the above, take the time to do your own vehicle history searches. ICBC history search is about $25, can be done online through the ICBC website. All you need is the VIN and make/model of bike. Lien searches can be done through the 'net as well, for about the same amount of money. Stolen vehicle searches can be done for free online.

    It's cheap compared to what you'll pay for a bike, and it's worth it to find out this stuff independantly from the dealership. I've had a dealer (Daytona) tell me that a bike had no declarations, when I did my own search I found out the bike had been written off once and had two large claim accidents since then... Caveat emptor! (and stay away from Daytona).

    In defence rebuilds though, it's possible to rebuild a written-off bike to as good as, or even better than, new condition... I've seen a few very nice rebuilt bikes, and considered buying one. But I prefer to know up front that it's a rebuild before I lay down money... If the dealer is honest about it, . If not, .
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