gt80 questions again
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Thread: gt80 questions again

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    gt80 questions again

    well i posted some questions before and you told me to changed the crank seals which i did do. so its a 1978 gt80 2 stroke

    The throttle has no response at all it will just go on its own. i have changed the crank seals, rebuilt the carb, cleaned the carb i know that the throttle does work im not sure if the gas mixture has anything to do with it. ive even checked the backpressure on the exhaust pipe so someone plz help

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    I had a GT80, it did that when I put straight unmixed gas into it(I was 10 at the time).

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    yah there is mixed gas in it right now im wondering if the mixture is too high but i dont know because the oiler doesnt work on it so couldit need a higher mixture since that doesnt work?

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