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    I am not a religious person. On average I probably go to church maybe twice a year or so. Last week my mom had a 2 strokes and a heart attack, I dealt with it but I didn't turn to god or anything like that. Today, my mom was in the hospital and I just couldn't take it. All those IV needles and monitors going off and on over and over again. I really didn't know where to turn but for some reason I instinctivly turned to god. Why is it we do that? Is it built into us as soon as we are born, or does the media influence this upon us? I am just wondering why no matter what situation happens, everyone (for the most part) turns to god weather they are religious or not. Thoughts? Opinions?

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    Will your mom be ok?

    - As for god, I have never turned to him, and probably never will, I find many things wrong with religion.

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    Influenced by media to seek god? ......I thought it would be the other way around.

    Perhaps you were exposed by your parents to god early on?

    The question is at what point for you does it cease being just simple religion and become a personal relationship?

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    I think that's a question often asked when life becomes over-whelming. We become child-like in our need to comforted and God becomes that comfort. Something outside ourselves that has the answers like a "father". Therefore, the term "God our Father". Just a wee bit of an opinion.
    I hope your mother is OK. My mother had several heart attacks and bypass surgery a few years back. The process was unbearable - but - I got through it. You will too. Don't feel bad about turning to God. It's not popular - but - who cares? If it feels right - do it for you - it might just give you some comfort. Good luck.

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    it's because we need to have hope. When things are out of our control, we look for a greater divination that can do something about it. So by praying for the favor of the greater divination, there might be a possibility that things will go our way.

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    A group of neuroscientists at the University of California at San Diego has identified a region of the human brain that appears to be linked to thoughts of spiritual matters and prayer. Their findings tentatively suggest that we as a species are genetically programmed to believe in God.

    Everybody has religion, though for some it is not having a religion that is their religion.

    Every group of humans developed a religion, regardless of far they were separated from other humans in distance and time.

    But religion isn't God.

    There is a lot we do not know or understand about the universe and those who say we have looked with science and found no God are parroting the great thinkers from the 1800's. They believed they knew all there was to know about science. Since then we've learned much more than they ever knew.

    One of the things we've learned is that God is real to us. The comfort He can and does give is real.

    We turn to God because to us He is real. As real as any reality is real.

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    Whether or not you've been religious or spiritual in the past, if turning to God gives you some comfort at such a stressful time, then I say embrace it. I was raised Catholic, but am now a student of Buddhism, and one of its main teachings is tolerance. This is why you'll never find a Buddhist monk knocking on your door to try and get you to convert; if someone finds comfort as a Christian, Baptist, Muslim, Jehova's Witness, whatever, Buddhists believe it would be wrong to try to convince them to convert something different.

    My mom's had a rough last 6 months (we almost lost her when she went into cardiac arrest), and is now living in an extended care home, so I think I can relate to some of what you're going through. The strange thing is, my mom is actually dealing with it pretty well (it's that strong Irish constitution), but it's painful to see my dad, still so fit and active for a man of 76, now alone in a house in which he'd imagined spending the rest of his days with my mom.
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    mel thats about the saddest thing i have heard in a while.

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    i hope your mother will be ok. this subject touches me deeply, as i had lost my mother last oct. in my opinion, do what you have to, to heal your pain. i know what you saw was overwhelming as this is your mother, and you are not able to help her. if turning to god helps you cope with this situation, then so be it.

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    in a time of need almost everyone looks toward god in some way to help.
    (A higher power) When you cant take it anymore you want someone to listin ...
    it works for a while...but if youre not a religious person then you cant get the answer
    you need.A true friend will do the best for a shoulder.You can spill your guts and get out whats bothering you.I hope your mom gets out and home soon...jim

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    When you feel out of control it is only natural to try and fix it. Some turn to their God while others internalize and are consumed with anger. Control is an illusion. We merely steer our life down life’s bumpy road making corrections on what we believe we know and see. Life is far to chaotic with it's hidden agendas and apparent random happenings. "Truly there must be a reason for all of this?" That's were you'll find your God. Hidden in the shadows of loss and despair. An old father like figure that counsels you with age old words of wisdom. Answers to your questions? They have already been answered they're just hidden in your soul!

    Damn! There I go showing my soft side again. I realy hate that.........
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    I believe there is some hype towards god and religion but for the most part, people turn to god to have comfort and to be able to talk to someone, its all a comfort factor. in that situation mind you.

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    Well, my mom was released home and diagnosed with heart disease. The doctor says that if she takes one more puff or a cigarette it oculd be fatal. She quit smoking permenantly now, every ash tray, cigarette package and lighter was thrown into the garbage. My dad can only smoke on the patio now, no smoking allowed in the house. She's in recovery for now, eating lots of fruits and veggies and trying to stay calm and healthy. Everytime she wants to smoke she eats more fruit n such. It's really stressful and hard but we are going to get through this. Thanks for the kind words guys!

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