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    2003 Yamaha R6

    Anyone have any info on it?

    I'm more than likely getting the R6 that I have replaced with a new 2002, but I was wondering if it would be really worth it to hold out and get a 2003 instead?

    Anyone have any info or possibly pics (yea right who am I kidding).

    I heard of fuel injection, lighter and new look.

    You think its gonna look like the new R1?

    Thanks you guys.

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    just a scetch, but maby got some ideas..

    Here is a rough translation of the German article:

    "Yamaha thinks already of 2003"
    "Still the novelties do not stand yet at all for 2002 all together with the Handling, there throw the model year course to ' 03 already its shade ahead. For example in the Yamaha house . In order to hold connection to CBR 600 and GSX-R 600, they submit a Total Renovated R6. The special attention puts Yamaha thereby - as in the case of the current R1 - on the Uber working the chassis and the installation of a fuel injection system."

    Sorry it doesn't make too much sense but thats what the translator website pumped out.
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    Now I don't know what to do.

    Another 2002 or wait for 2003?

    If I wait that means no riding for the rest of the year.

    Would I lose alot of the resale value if I pick up a 2002 for now, and then once the 2003 comes in, trade the 2002?

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