Another reason not to ride a scooter..
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Thread: Another reason not to ride a scooter..

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    Another reason not to ride a scooter..

    LONDON (Reuters) - Heidi Brown was told she could park her new scooter outside the vehicle registration office while she waited to get license plates.

    To her horror, it was blown up by the army after someone reported that it might be a bomb.

    Police in Ipswich, eastern England, confirmed on Thursday that a moped had been blown up in a controlled explosion after local business people "raised concerns" that it could be a bomb.

    "The moped was chained to the perimeter fence outside the building. We weren't able to identify whose vehicle it was because there were no license plates on it," said a spokeswoman for Suffolk police.

    She said the surrounding office buildings were evacuated and three roads were closed off.

    The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported the scooter belonged to Brown, a 22-year-old care worker, who said she had been told she could leave it there awaiting inspection.


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    So, in the time she was in line at her DMV multiple complaints were registered, the military was contacted, then demolition was proposed, approved and carried out. How long do you suppose she was having to wait for that inspection?

    That's a freakishly long day.....hope she had full insurance!

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    How awful! Yet, it makes you wonder how long she waited in the line-up, and, while waiting didn't anyone notice what was going on outside with the military EXPLOSIVES team? (This is so crazy it has got to be true). I wonder if the DMV reimbursed Moped?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epictetus
    That's a freakishly long day.....hope she had full insurance!
    When you've dealt with the IRA as much as they have you can bet the
    bomb disposal people are right on their fucking toes.

    Ever try and find a garbage bin in London? Wonder why you can't?

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    if the surrounding offices were evacuated, why not the building she was in, which is where it was parked nearest?

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