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    Question Bike Size question

    Just looking for opinions as to whether a 1987 CBR600F would be a little on the small size for someone 6'4".

    I cant seem to find any specs on the net for it but I am going to assume seat height would be similar to the 750 Nighthawk I used to own.

    Any thoughts ?

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    Well dude, I don't have much advice except if it feels good ride it. I am 6'1'' and ride a suzuki sv 650, I weigh about 190 lbs and it move's me quite well, I sit a little more upright that a normal sport bike, but I like it, where as some of my taller friends don't. Not the best advice, but I hope it helps.


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    Probably... there is (was?) an extremely overpriced '88 CBR600 at Richmond Motorsports when I was looking over a year ago, and it seemed too small for me (6'2"). Every time I went back over the summer/fall, it was still there. It might still be, you can go try it out. And laugh at the $4300 they want for it.

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    I am also 6'4" and last year when i was shopping around took out a 88 hurricane. you'll find out the the cbr wheel base is alot shorter then most bikes. i now ride an R6 and it fits me perfect.

    but hey its what you're comfortable on
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    Thanks for the input so far, I guess I'll have to try and find one locally to try out, or at least just sit on, I am contemplating making a trade for one. It kinda Sucks that I am on the Island and the bike is in Abbotsford so I flying blind on this one.

    Anyone know if the specs changed at all between 87 and 90 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spraxxx
    I am also 6'4" and i now ride an R6 and it fits me perfect.
    Wow , I'm 6'2" and I find the R6 too small for me . That just tells you that someone really has to try a bike to make an opinion instead of asking what everybody thinks of a bike size wise.

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