First Meeting of the Wet Coast Irregulars for 2005, the Spring Fling is in it's 9th year.

Come have lunch at the Cafe Veloce, check out some 2005 Iron Butt Rally Rider's bikes, meet some of the PNW's Long Distance community, have interesting parking lot chats and check out the Seattle shops before heading home to Vancouver

Here is the link

Spring Fling Rally

For the second time there will be a rally TO the Fling. Basically, you fill out the entry form (see link) to let us know you want to participate and then ride the rally collecting up bonus locations ON THE WAY TO THE FLING.

We will email the rally packets to official rallyests only a day prior to the Pre-Fling BBQ. Since the Pre-Fling BBQ is on Friday night, April 22nd, the rally packets will be emailed out at noon on Thursday, April 21st. As soon as you get the packets, you can start the rally.

The rally will officially end at 9:00pm PST on Friday night, April 22nd. You MUST have turned in your rally packets filled out to Joe Zulaski at the Pre-Fling BBQ location. This location will be full disclosed in the rally packets themselves and to Pre-Fling BBQ guests.

The Rally Master must have received your filled out rally entry forms by April 20th, 2005 to be considered an official rally rider.