Q about 1000km service
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Thread: Q about 1000km service

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    Q about 1000km service

    What exactly does the dealership do for a steering check? I did everything else for the 1000km service myself, but the steering check should be done by the dealer, according to the owner's manual.

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    On mine they want $280 to adjust the chain and do an oil change.
    I'm gonna do my own, I have a torque wrench.

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    I would bet they test ride it. That's it. Look for a leak then Bill you $200.00++

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigrog
    On mine they want $280 to adjust the chain and do an oil change.
    I'm gonna do my own, I have a torque wrench.
    Thats an incredible amount of change for 1/2 hours worth of work, unless the FZ6 has something special about chain adjustments or oil changes.

    Carter ?
    RMS ?

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    They should remove the triple tree and retorque the bearing assembly. You can be sure they do not. Go around with a torque wrench and check yourself. You would need a special tool in most cases to get on the main steering nut so unlikely you would want to spring for that.

    I think they are supposed to sync carbs or throttle bodies too but don't count on it.

    Basically, they adjust your throttle cable(even though you have it set where you want it), clutch cable, chain, change oil and filter, and maybe give it a look around to see if the back wheel is falling off.

    This is easy money for a dealer and the charge is normally $180.00 and I have paid $250.00.

    Now that I know it is NOT a warranty requirement, I do it myself.

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    We do first 1000km services for $99 that includes oil and filter

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