Where to get ramp angle bracket?
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Thread: Where to get ramp angle bracket?

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    Where to get ramp angle bracket?

    Can anybody help me out? I want to push a bike onto a truckbed and I've been looking for those metal ramp ends you put on a end of a 2 x 10 that rests against a tailgate. It's a 10" wide angle bracket that's at about 45 degrees.

    I've tried Home Depot, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire but I can't find them anywhere. The industrial metal shop I went to only has 90 degree angle brackets you have to get bended.Thanks

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    why not get a shop to fabricate you one
    it would take like 15 minutes if you catch them at a slow time.
    and they probably wouldnt charge you much, it just needs a sheet brake or a press.

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    princess auto has them in that polished checker plate.

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    I've loaded a bike into a truck with a 2x10, but it was a bit of a strain getting it back out, how dooes one usually back a bike off a truck with a skinny ramp? is there a trick to this, or should i just buy some extra 2x4 to support my feet whilst backing down slowly?

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    get a friend or what i do is walk it from the ground holding the front brake... im tall though, i dont know your height =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by J1k
    princess auto has them in that polished checker plate.
    BLING! I'm in....

    Josh, I do it myself out of the back of a high decked 4x4 Dakota. I use a milk crate with plwood pad as a step so I don't need to do the whole step down in one go and risk loosing my balance. Just back it up and look before you commit to make sure the rear tire is more or less centered and the bike more or less straight. Keep your feet well spaced out and a good KungFu bend to your knees for balance and roll it back until you feel still in control but you're about to loose the stable feeling and then brake the bike, step down onto your step box and let it down a bit futher, stop the bike and step onto the ground and then let 'er roll back. The trick is to do it in short rolls and then brake the bike, get comfy and balanced, step down to the next level and when you're stable and good let 'er roll again. If you try to let it roll the whole time and step down there's just too much risk of loosing it if the brake lets go too much.

    At 6' 1" I used to be able to do it without a step on my Nissan 2wd but not with this beast. YMMV.
    A backyard mechanic without a service manual is just like a hooker without a lamp pole.... they are both in the dark.

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