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    Here we go again -American Motorcyclist Association

    From the American Motorcyclist Association

    Detroit columnist says injured motorcyclists shouldn’t be given
    medical treatment

    Columnist Brian Dickerson, in yesterday’s edition of the Detroit Free
    Press, is the latest to call for motorcyclists to be de-facto organ
    donors. What’s worse, he suggests that injured motorcyclists not be
    given medical treatment at all.

    In writing about the pending repeal of Michigan’s mandatory helmet
    law, Dickerson says, “If only lawmakers had thought to add a
    requirement that all helmet-less cyclists agree to donate their
    organs. And why not require donorcyclists to sign papers declining
    extraordinary lifesaving measures, so that deserving organ recipients
    aren't kept waiting unnecessarily?”

    Dickerson doesn’t stop there. He lumps motorcyclists in with
    “champions of the right to die,” including shameless and insulting
    references to Jack Kevorkian and Terri Schiavo.

    We’ve seen this sort of hysterical, uninformed opinion before, of
    course. Last September, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Neil Steinberg
    characterized riders as organ donors in a column headlined "Hop on a
    motorcycle, fill out your donor card” -- and your e-mails to Mr.
    Steinberg prompted him to admit in a later column that he wrote
    without knowing the facts. Earlier, the AMA joined motorcyclists
    nationwide in defeating actual legislative proposals in New Mexico
    and California that would’ve required motorcyclists to be organ

    But by suggesting that injured motorcyclists be left to die,
    Dickerson has set an all-time low -- and the AMA has told him so. If
    you’d like to let him know how you feel, you can reach him at

    © 2005, American Motorcyclist Association
    BCSB had mountains of experience with a lot of things. #1 on that list is pouring out bullshit to dumb questions by the Gigabyte. (TripleTime, 12-10-2014 03:19 PM)

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    Original article

    BRIAN DICKERSON: No brain our gain, Senate tells bikers

    March 21, 2005


    These are dark times for champions of the right to die.

    Jack Kevorkian is behind bars. Oregon's experiment with physician-assisted suicide is under siege by religious zealots in the U.S. Justice Department. And Congress is groping frantically for ways to interpose itself between brain-damaged Terri Schiavo and the husband Florida courts recognize as her legal surrogate.

    But fear not, libertarians: The right to die is alive and well in Michigan!

    All you need is a motorcycle license and, if you live elsewhere, a willingness to spend your last tourist dollars in the Great Lakes State.

    In an extraordinary display of bipartisan nincompoopery, the state Senate struck a blow last week for those who yearn to dash their brains out on Michigan highways.

    Eleven Republicans joined 10 Democrats in voting to repeal a state law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets, a change the Senate's only physician, Kalamazoo Republican Tom George, said would double the number of annual motorcycle fatalities in Michigan.

    Ride free and die
    Not that those who supported the bill are cravenly kowtowing to bikers. In an amendment that explicitly recognizes the increased liability foisted on Michigan hospitals, the Senate also voted to require that every biker carry medical insurance.

    George and Sen. Bev Hammerstrom, R-Temperance, who opposed the repeal, had suggested that each cyclist be required to carry $350,000 in medical coverage. The Senate majority settled on $10,000, an amount that should more than cover the lifetime medical care most serious closed-head injury victims require -- as long as they don't live through the first night.

    But if the helmet law repeal seems likely to burden trauma centers and the taxpayers who subsidize them, it's also a boon to Michiganders awaiting vital organ transplants. In emergency rooms, where seriously injured riders are privately known as donorcyclists, the no-helmet crowd is prized as a rich source of youthful hearts, livers and kidneys, among other organs that remain well preserved long after brain death.

    If only lawmakers had thought to add a requirement that all helmet-less cyclists agree to donate their organs. And why not require donorcyclists to sign papers declining extraordinary lifesaving measures, so that that deserving organ recipients aren't kept waiting unnecessarily?

    A piece of the action
    Not everyone will buy the suggestion that repealing the helmet law advances the right-to-die agenda. Many lawmakers who can't abide the government coming between a man and his motorcycle wouldn't hesitate to get between Terri Schiavo and her physicians, if only the courts would let them.

    Allowing healthy people to dash their brains out on the open road is one thing; after all. Letting a brain-damaged woman die in privacy is quite another.

    For one thing, donorcyclists generate a lot more bar and restaurant revenue. According to those who want to repeal the helmet law, Michigan forfeits many of those dollars to states that don't mandate helmets. If our state wants its fair share of the biker market, they argue, it should worry less about the donorcyclists' skulls and more about their wallets.

    Of course, some of Kevorkian's champions used to argue that authorizing physician-assisted suicide would make Michigan a magnet for other states' terminally ill. There'd be jobs and tax revenues galore, an assisted-suicide clinic in every town big enough to have its own post office.

    The thing is, I always figured they were kidding.

    This is satire. He's making fun of legislators who want to repeal the helmet law. The AMA needs to grow a brain or sense of humour.
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    It may be that given current controversy over the Schiavo case the commentary is off-colour, but the author is clearly trying to skewer politicians, not motorcyclists.

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