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    Next Level

    Next Level Superbike School Roadracer Training

    Our first course to begin on April 11, 2005 is quickly approaching and I am very excited to get the first one under our belt.

    I am also pleased with the level of instruction our students are going to receive.

    Alan Schmidt, as I'm sure you all have heard of by now, is a top level rider. During the Daytona 200 back on March 12th, Alan moved up from 17th to 13th to 11th! in two laps before mechanical problems pulled him out of the race. The man can ride! And he can also instruct as he has been doing so in Portland for some time. We are thrilled to be able to provide our students with his knowledge and talent.

    Our roadrace course is unique as each group of no more than five students will have two instructors. A chief instructor and an assistant. Rider safety is one of our first priorities, and we feel this style of instruction will help ensure that all of our students are as safe as possible. As well, two instructors per group will provide a good amount of one on one time with the Chief Instructor.

    We also are including in our courses, a nutritional and fitness section and a suspension section.

    Spero Benias is extremely educated in fitness and nutrition and has developed a program specific to roadracing and will be providing this program to each of our students as well as guidance throughout the season.

    Trent Mclean is also on board to provide suspension knowledge to all of our students. Some of you may know Trent from his days working with Steve Dick, WMRC #1. We are pleased that Trent has come on board. Good suspension is a key element to roadracing success!

    Our first course is almost full, so if you are thinking of getting into roadracing, please call me. I would be pleased to discuss any concerns or answer any questions you may have regarding the sport.

    Also to note. Next Level Superbike School will be giving away a set of Pirelli race tires and a set of EBC Brake Pads to one of our students enrolled in our first roadracing course.

    Go to to register or for more information.

    Or call Scotty Borthwick 604-614-2753.

    See you all at the track!


    WMRC #4

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    Wow! Just the classroom portion under my belt so far and already a huge amount of info from these guys! For anyone thinking of getting into the sport, here's a very short run down (I can't squeeze all the knowledge into this post believe me).

    Kim St. Pierre gave us a lot of great information about securing sponsorship. The fact that she shared as much as she did is amazing to me! (Dog eat dog) Trent McLean showed us how we go about setting up our bike's suspension to perform its best under its rider. This was really informative, very indepth, despite the fact that he only scratched suface of such an extensive topic. Spero Benias set us up with good tips on how set ourselves up for race days nutrionally, physically and even mentally. We had Dave Collis, race director and Scooter man, (he trekked over from the island for this!!) go through all the flags. Marbod Kern discussed race bike prep and helped answer a ton of questions. Finally, Scotty Borthwick. Scott did a great job. Calm, laid back, he seemed to really enjoy himself! He kept things light and we had a few good laughs as the instructors poked fun at their individual experiences over the years be it crashing or forgetting major items on race days, like bike keys. Just absorbing all this knowledge and experience I am feeling more comfortable and excited about the upcoming track session this weekend!

    Again, if you are looking to get into racing this season, Next Level is a great place to start! Thanks all for an entertaining and informative evening. See you all Sunday bright and early.

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    Nice to see ya getting the ball rolling on the new company(instruction wise) scotty,Should be some great things to come in the future for the wmrc with the options out there for there members.


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    Next Level
    I am very pleased with how well the night went and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

    Thanks again to Spero Benias, Trent Mclean and Kim St. Pierre for their presentations. I was extremely pleased with the amount of knowledge and expertise you guys provided to our students.

    Also, thanks to Dave Collis for the flag demonstration. I truly appreciate your willingness to travel from the island for us....even though you were late!

    See you all on Sunday!



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    Next Level
    Quote Originally Posted by J1k
    Nice to see ya getting the ball rolling on the new company(instruction wise) scotty,Should be some great things to come in the future for the wmrc with the options out there for there members.


    Thanks John.

    Lots of VERY enthusiastic students last night. It brought back memories of myself 14 years ago....

    I'm so proud to be able to help these new racers get into the sport!

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    im pleased to see you say that(the proud bits) scotty, best of luck!

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