WTB: R6 or RC51
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Thread: WTB: R6 or RC51

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    WTB: R6 or RC51

    Hi guys, New to the board.
    Anywho, if any of you have a R6 or RC51 up for sale let me know.

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    Welcome! <---standard greeting

    Why an R6 or RC? Those are very different bikes, just wondering.

    This won't be your first bike, will it?
    Maybe Mediocre
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    Nope, I use to ride a NSR250 in Australia and a RC45 also. The difference between the two bikes is because... one) I wanna try a v-twin but can't afford a duck... the SV (too plain looking, sorry hehe) and TLR are too hard to find and RC51 are a good deal at dealers now... plus there isn't anything smaller twins on the market right now... two) the r6 because it's the closest thing to both of the bikes I use to have(cornering and handling characteristic) iIhad before (too much fun embarassing litre bikes around the corners) I actually might look into KIT's bike since the price is good and leaves me with quite some left over mulla for parts, etc... Then again if I go the rc51 route.. doesn't leave me with much mulla left (but it's not lke you need to throw alot of mulla in to make it handle better or faster so...) decisions, decisions.. hmmm

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    you had the RC45!??!??!?!?!??!? holy Mother!!! I'm selling my RC51.

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    i have seen a couple rc45s in seattle VERY NICE you luck bastard, and the NSR 250

    i actually went to honda australias website to drool couple of times

    ps i sent you a pm about my bike, as i said it hit the buy and sell next week and will not likely be around long at that price
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