Ex-Law Society chief's drunk driving trial
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Thread: Ex-Law Society chief's drunk driving trial

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    Ex-Law Society chief's drunk driving trial

    Did anyone else read this in the Sun today:
    Ex-Law Society chief says he had 'ample time to drive home'
    The former president of the B.C. Law Society said Wednesday he knew from his experience defending drunk-driving cases that he could consume a third of a bottle of Irish whisky and a few gulps of beer and drive home before his blood/alcohol level exceeded the legal limit. "

    He lost control of his Volvo (figures), crashed through a bus stop, bounced off a retaining wall and blew 0.14 on the breathalizer. The punch line is that the crown couldn't convict him on driving while impared.

    Reading that made my morning.


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    bro, do you even ride in a straight line? #1 asshole
    nice nice
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    And the worst part is that because of no conviction for drunk driving, ICBC will cover the damages to the drunk driver's car. And of course we pay for it. Nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The CBC Story
    Police also didn't secure a piece of evidence. An open beer can taken from Berge's suit jacket fell off the roof of the police car after the officer drove away.
    The cop should have to pay for the damage, not us!
    What was it all about?

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    Two road side breathalyzers available at the scene were useless because their calibrations had expired.
    THAT sounds like a loophole if I ever heard one.
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