Selling my D2 accounts.
I have around 7 Non-ladder accounts and 1 Ladder.
To give you an idea of what sort of stuff I have.
In ladder, I dont have much just have a couple arachnid meshes an highlords. Only one lvl 84 Lite sorc.

On non-ladder I've got around 10 or so 85+ chars including a fire sorc, WW barb, Zealot Paly, Summon Necro, Guided/multi Zon, cold Zon, and others.
In terms of items, got around 40 Hi runes, 100+sojs, 30+100pdscs, tons of pgems, low runes and junk jewels.
Also have a few enigmas, ebotd zerks, and cbs (some over 400+ed), hotos, COHs, Doom, etc...
Lets say I've got a lot of good stuff and lots of collector items too.

Best to pm or email me at for questions or anything else.