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    Mad Cow Disease...

    Television Program Organizer (Lady) went to make an Interview with
    > a farmer seeking the main reason that caused Cow Madness.
    > Mad Cow disease).
    > The Lady: Good evening Sir, we are here to collect information about
    > the reason that causes Cow Madness.
    > Do you have any idea what might be the reason????
    > The Farmer, stared at the lady and said, "Do you know that the
    > Bull fucks the cow once a year???
    > The Lady getting embarrassed: "Well sir, that's new piece of
    > information, but what's the relation between this phenomena and
    > Cow Madness?
    > The Farmer: Well Mam, do you know that we milk the Cow Four
    > times a day!!!
    > The Lady: Sir this is really valuable information, but what about
    > getting, to the point!
    > The Farmer: I am getting to the point Mam.
    > Just imagine, if I am playing with your Tits FOUR TIMES A DAY
    > and FUCKING YOU ONCE A YEAR, won't you get Mad???
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