Buying a new 19" LCD Monitor
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Thread: Buying a new 19" LCD Monitor

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    Buying a new 19" LCD Monitor

    Used only to surf and do work at home. No graphics work, movies, etc. Buying one to just clear up desk space. So I'm going for cheap...

    Looking at the:

    Acer AL1913B

    Going for $389. Basically the cheapest 19" I could find. Repsonse time is slow, i've seen it listed at 20-25ms, but not a big deal for what I use it for.

    Anyone know if its any good? Or not good? Can't find that many reviews on this. So far just:

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    You can try I've bought a few 21" monitors from them. After shipping it's about the same price as your 19".

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    i have the benq fp931
    i love it. it can be had in richmond for about $400 now. 16ms.

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    Hmm...I am not one to dwell too much on specs but 800:1 contrast AND 300 cd/m2 brightness seems overstated to me. The best thing is to have a look at it in store - preferably next to a decent LCD like NEC or Samsung. You may want to change your mind after you see it in person.

    Unless you have a reason why you want a 19" I would recommend getting a mid to high end 17". I have both 17 and 19 and with them side by side, I find there is little noticeable difference . Both screens have native res of 1280 x 1024 so you're not getting much more real estate.

    I suggest looking at this one:
    If you sign up for their newsletter you'll get 10-15% discount coupon to use on all accessories. Dell often have free shippping also.
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    Get a 17

    A 19 inch is generally not worth it, due to the native resolution being the same as a 17inch If you are looking at clearing up space it also makes sense.

    the 19 inch will appear more grainy/fuzzy, and not so pleasing to the eye. the 17 inch will be sharper, therefore better for your health.

    You could probably get a nicer spec as well for around $400.

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    Hey a guys on this site is selling a new samsung 21 lcd for $850. You can probably get it for $800. If you're interested let me know, I'll dig out the post.

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    I agree with those who are recommending buying a 17" instead. I looked at dozens of LCD panels before deciding. The 17" are all nice and sharp, clear, and crisp. The 19" are all, universally, grainy and chunky. You can almost *see* the pixels. The reason is that the 17" and 19" monitors all max out at 1280x1024.

    In the end, I spent the extra $$$ and bought a Viewsonic VP201s for $800 from Staples. 1600x1200, 16ms, 400:1. Amazingly nice monitor. It also swivels between portrait and landscape modes, and has a 4-port USB2 hub. Worth every penny!
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    i have a 19" L.G. i just love it very clear and sharp. got it at london drugs for 700$ i know it,s not cheap like borscht, but it,s a good quality peice perhaps you can find it cheaper somwhere else. Ilike the 21"samsung as well

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