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    Meet your Novice Rep!

    Greetings fellow racers!

    Just a little heads up to those entering into the crazy world of motorcycle road racing. I am, once again, your Novice Rep' for 2005. Any questions or problems can be directed at me in the following ways.

    1) PM me on this site.
    2) E-mail me at
    3) Catch me at morning Tech on event days at Mission.
    4) Come up and see me in the tower at Mission if I have finished with Tech and have moved on to my "second job" on event days.
    5) Use you psychic powers to relay your questions. Not 100% proven to work but we'll try it again this year.

    Enjoy your school next weekend boys and girls. I'll try to drop by and say hi later in the day.
    Stefan Medlicott
    NFG Racing

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    Look forward to meeting you on Saturday at Tradex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacsteel
    Look forward to meeting you on Saturday at Tradex.
    Good thing you got all that money to fork out for the Van course...would have been alot cheaper to take the island edition. Shitty deal.

    See ya at the track!
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